3 Ways You’re Hurting Your Neck Right Now

1. Sleeping with a pillow that doesn’t support your neck.

Good pillows don’t just help you sleep more comfortably. They’re also useful for your neck.


2. Leaning over when you text.

“Text neck” is what you get when you incline your head to look down at your cell phone! Text neck can add up to 60 pounds of strain on the neck. Continue to enjoy your smartphones, and continue to enjoy this technology — just make sure your head is up.

3. Leaning over your computer.

Leaning over your laptop for long stretches of time can similarly be hard on your neck.

If you bend forward, it places a huge load on the neck, shoulders, arms, and back. The average weight of a human head is between eight and 10 pounds, and you don’t have to bend over a laptop for very long to begin placing strain on the muscles by overloading them.